Child Birth and Pregnancy


With childbirth Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy you can benefit from the many positive aspects of having a relaxed pregnancy and a far more comfortable delivery.

What follows is a brief outline of some of the many ways I can help your pregnancy, delivery and post delivery. If you’re particular question wasn’t answered then please contact me on 01302-719747 to discuss how I can help you or to arrange an initial consultation


Child Birth (Hypno-birthing)

The more relaxed a mum is during her pregnancy and the period immediately prior to birth the more relaxed the baby will be within the womb, then the more comfortable and easier the delivery.

You and your baby can benefit greatly from this thoroughly structured programme which covers virtually every aspect of the pregnancy, delivery and post delivery.

There are many advantages of this programme as it is versatile and adapted to suite each client and their unique personality, as well as this you can benefit from -


  • Reduced or eliminated morning sickness
  • Be better physiologically prepared therefore relaxed thus reducing lower back pain
  • Learn how to relax properly throughout the pregnancy
  • It can reduce the need for drugs or sedation (only when in combination with medical supervision)
  • Anxiety’s are controlled
  • Birth partner training is included
  • Dealing with weight control issues post delivery
  • Support CD’s are supplied for all of the stages of the process


This process is becoming more and more popular.

To find out more about how I can help you and your child solve any of the above issues, or something that may not be listed above, please feel free to call me on 07879 282526.



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