Psychosexual Disorders


So little is really publicly understood about this area because it is something which in the most part is misunderstood, many issues originate from the mind as a result of some miss-belief, from incorrect information or because the working of the mind body connection are ignored.


This is also an area where most people when they have any difficulties find it a challenge to sometimes even talk to their Doctor about, sometimes because of embarrassment or because they may fear that the doctor could be judgemental or even that other members of their family may be using the same G.P.


What I offer with this specialization is the ability to be able to help you overcome any one of a number of common problems that can occur in anyone’s life and or relationships; I have been specially trained to Diploma level within this area assuring you of a confidential treatment. All therapy work is verbal and works at a conscious and unconscious level.


What follows is an alphabetical list and a brief outline of some of the many issues I can successfully help you with. If you’re particular problem wasn’t listed then please contact me on 01302-719747 to discuss how I can help you or to arrange an initial consultation



  • Anorgasmia – Can be a very distressing issue for the female and can either have its roots in the mind or by a couples approach to sexual activity.
  • Apparent addiction to sex – This responds well to therapeutic intervention.
  • Dyspareunia (pain of the vagina during intercourse) – If this has been checked by a G.P. and any organic issue such as cystitis has been ruled out then this is most definitely of psychological origin and is treatable so long as a referal from your G.P. has been obtained and our work is medicaly supervised.
  • Erectile dysfunction – This can be a very distressing problem which in and of itself causes other psychological issues such as depression. When organic causes have been ruled out by the G.P. then this is treatable.
  • Exhibitionism – This responds well to therapeutic intervention.
  • Fetishes – These are usually challenging to deal with and most often with therapeutic intervention are able to gain more control over them.
  • Jealousy – Again this is another emotion that is so common that you could consider it as normal, this responds very well to therapy.
  • Loss of desire – This can happen for a male or female and the results very often causes a great deal of tension, I can help you very quickly establish the cause and thus reversal of the problem.
  • Nausea (after intercourse) – If you suffer from this regularly then this is almost certainly a psychological origin and responds well to therapy.
  • Penetration anxiety – This particular problem responds extremely well to therapy and is very quickly resolved.
  • Persistent arousal syndrome – For the sufferer this is anything but amusing, and although can be challenging to treat it can become balanced.
  • Post intercourse depression – For those that suffer this it can be so common that they consider it to be “normal.” This can be successfully treated after a G.P’s check.
  • Post intercourse guilt – This is more common than many realise and responds very well to therapy.
  • Premature ejaculation – This is almost always of psychological origin and you will be pleased to know that it can be treated.
  • Retarded ejaculation – A huge source of confusion for the male, this condition gives way to therapy very well as it is almost always of a psychological origin.
  • Sexual aversion disorder – This is of psychological origin and can be treated, however it is one of the few which are likely to be a lengthy treatment.
  • Vaginal dryness – This is mostly a physiological issue, however if a G.P. cannot find an organic cause then this will respond well to therapy.




To find out more about how I can help you and solve any of the above issues, or something that may not be listed above, please feel free to call me on 07879 282526


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