Relationship Problems


You might find yourself in a situation where you marriage or relationship is strained for one reason or another, you might even be in a situation where you are having to stay together because you cannot sell your home, or staying together because of children, in fact there can be many emotional, circumstantial or physical reasons where any relationship may be strained or struggling.

I can offer you solutions for many situations that can arise within a relationship with many methods that can either resolve your troubles completely or help to make life within your unique situation much easier.

What follows is a summary of the many situations that you might find yourself having to face along with a brief outline of some of the many ways that I can help you, if your particular problem wasn't listed then please contact me on 01302-719747 to discuss how I can help you or to arrange an initial consultation-


Couple counselling -

Very often communication has broken down, the love seems lost and couples find themselves in a situation where it is "make or break" for their future. The situation seems to escalate with neither partner able to understand the other nor the way out.

The process is a simple one of seeing both as a couple to discover what you really want from each other, then by some very specialized discussions, negotiations and conflict resolution you can reach an agreeable outcome.


Managing separations -

When couples break up and go their own separate ways and there are children involved it is normally very difficult to get it right where everybody involved is at ease with the outcome, the children are usually the ones who suffer the most which usually creates even more friction with all manner of conflict with both parents.

What I can offer you in circumstances where the partnership is terminating or completely over, is a way of resolving all of the complicated negotiations that would otherwise almost certainly never get resolved satisfactorily, especially by those involved because of the naturally biased nature of those who are involved, it always takes a specially trained neutral third party such as myself to mediate in such circumstances. By the end of our work together everyone involved will have a clearly defined outcome and most if not all unresolved arguments and issues will be dealt with.



To find out more about how I can help you and your family solve any of the above issues, or something that may not be listed above, please feel free to call me on 07879 282526.


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