I have updated my privacy Policy

Website Date Collection (Cookies)

All websites have cookies, I do not collect any data for business use, nor store or share any date collected by this or any of my websites.

Other Data I Collect

When you contact me I collect your name, telephone number, email address, none of this information is shared or used outside of contact with you personally in relation to our work together.

Why I collect your data

To be able to arange appointments

Who has Access to your data

Nobody else other than me, it is a confidential working relationship

Where do I collect yhour data from

Only from you directly and only information that is relevant for contact and our work

When do I Use Your Date

for appointments and use in our sessions only

Data Retention Policy

I keep client notes from our sessions in line with the requirements of the governing bodies to which I am registered, these are kept in a locked filing cabinet in a doctors surgery and i am the only one who has access to these, none of your information can be shared with anyone without your written concent to do so.

Paying by Credit or Debit Card

My credit card terminal is the latest encrypted type, absolutely none of your card details are stored