Sports Mind Coaching


For individuals, teams, managers or owners of sports teams.

There are numerous references by many of the world’s most elite athletes all saying the same thing, 80% + of sports success is in the mind, irrelevant of what sporting background they are from they agree. State of mind, belief and confidence to name but a few all come from what we think, scientifically more is known now about the mind body connection and as a result sportspeople from virtually every sport are turning to specialists like me to get that extra edge.


If you are involved in sports and you are fed up with inconsistent results, need more confidence, practice better than you compete, find it difficult to concentrate, are frustrated with not achieving what you want or you just want to improve your momentum as you climb the ladder to success, or you may have your own unique problem that you need to solve, then what I have to offer you are some answers.

You too can benefit by using my extensive experience of working with every level or competitor from Grand Prix super star to a school age amateur competitor, I can offer you tailored solutions for virtually any problem, negative thought or emotion that is holding you back within your sport, confidentiality is guaranteed.


What follows is an alphabetical summary of some the many sports that I have successfully worked with, following that are a selection of case studies to give you an idea of how you can benefit, following that are the fees that I charge for the various options that are available to you.


Sports I have successfully worked in- please note that out of courtesy and of protecting the privacy of the individuals with whom I have worked names are deliberately omitted as many are house hold names.


  • Archery – I have worked with one gentleman from America in this discipline, he went on to achieve 3 gold medals.
  • Boxing – the fighters that have used my services have found more consistency and determination and have achieved greater success.
  • Car racing – there are many types of competition within car racing, I am familiar with and have worked in Touring car, rally, F3, F2000, V de V, Le Mans. The competitors who used my services all achieved huge success one of them went on to become European champion in his class at his first attempt.
  • Cross country Eventing (horses) – Several competitors who were mainly amateurs who went on to become club winners and some turned professional.
  • Enduro – Several competitors within this sport went from being bottom of the field placing (around 40 th to 50 th) to competing in the top 5 within 1 year.
  • Football – I have worked with one team who were on the brink of relegation and helped them to achieve a top league placing; also Sunday league amateurs who just wanted to enjoy their sport and score more goals.
  • Golf – every level and a wide age range of competitor has benefited, all achieving huge reductions in their handicaps, some amateurs making pro level and a couple of professional making national and one international level.
  • Karting – children and Adults have benefited from our work and moved up classes quicker than they thought possible after winning their respective previous classes.
  • Gymnastics – several individuals from different disciplines, one who received a bronze in her first Olympics.
  • Marathon runners – you would think that there wouldn’t be a whole lot that you could do with a marathon runner, well you would be surprised because as with every sport the mind plays a huge role and I have helped many marathon runners achieve personal bests, and some went on to become international competitors.
  • Motocross – several competitors at all different levels, between them they have 4 British titles, county titles and many podium finishes.
  • Rugby – with this sport I worked with one single team to help them achieve their best ever placing in national competition.
  • Show Jumping – several competitors who have risen from local competitors to national.
  • Speedway – numerous competitors from various leagues in the UK and Europe, 2 Grand Prix riders and one entire team, the competitors that I worked with have won over 400 races, five 1 st places in Grand Prix and numerous other accolades.
  • Swimming – mainly school age swimmers that have gone on from winning their levels at school to being picked for county competition.
  • Tennis – junior rankings to national, along with 2 county championships and many court victories.
  • Trials – riders from all levels.



Sports Case Studies



Case Study #1


An amateur motorcyclist contacted me because he was fed up with being so nervous at the start line and getting poor results, he always compared himself against those who were better than himself and felt that he needed some answers.



Usually this young man would be finishing around 45 th in his group, the following week after our work together he finished 15 th, the competition after that he finished 10 th, the week after that he finished 8 th. At the end of that season he had done so well that he was automatically moved up to the next group where he more or less replicated the same climb that he had the previous year.


Case Study #2


A Grand Prix competitor came to work with me because he had been competing at the top level in Grand Prix for nearly a decade without ever getting into the final 3 of the world rankings.


At the end of the year he had finished 2 nd in the world and had won 3 Grand Prix and several other podium finishes, he became the highest points scorer in 2 separate leagues and was recipient of several other awards in other competitions in his sport. And that was in one year.


Case Study #3


This is a young competitor who could always compete well at home venues and seemed always to perform poorly at away competitions due to very high anxiety levels and fear of failure.

We used Hypnosis on its own to solve this problem; the first session was for an hour to chat about the issue so that I could learn more about and would then knew what to do to have it go away. I wrote some suggestions that would be delivered via hypnosis in the following session.

The results are that she is just as good at home competition as before, but now she is even better away from home than she is at home!


Case Study #4


A very nervous show jumper, before and during competition this young person would be “a bag of nerves” with concerns about all the people watching, fearful of making mistakes, scared witless of sustaining an injury to self or horse, mum and dad putting huge amounts of pressure on which also exaggerated the problem.



Within the space of 1 year this competitor raised 2 classes and put huge value on the horse, the parents now communicated differently and as a family they have grown stronger. All the problems of the past have gone.


Options and the Fees


There are many different options that are available to you and it depends on what it is that you want to achieve, by having a conversation with me we can discuss and decide which will be the quickest and most efficient way forward for you



Sports Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistics are a very effective methodology for solving problems quickly and are being used in virtually every sport, it is now more widely accepted than ever before and you too can benefit from the fact that I have an extensive knowledge of sport and what it takes to succeed, usually with only 1 or 2 sessions after the initial consultation.




To find out more about how I can help you please feel free to call me on 07879 282526.


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